Jumping Sprite – Introduction

Jumping Sprite Video






Jumping Sprite – Walking

Exercise: Jumping Sprite, Part 1

We’ve already written some code to get you started on making your sprite jump. Click here to view it. You should remix this file!

For part 1 you will need to:

  • Click the green flag to execute the script
  • Write a script so that when you press the left arrow the sprite moves left.
  • Write a script so that when you press the right arrow the sprite moves right.
  • Use a change in costumes to make it look like your sprite is actually walking.

Hint: use these pieces:




Jumping Sprite – Jumping

Exercise: Jumping Sprite, Part 2

Look at the code below and try to think of how it works to make the sprite jump. Once you are done:

1) Modify the code to make the jump bigger.

Jump size script