Ideas for Project – Helicopter Extension

Exercise: Helicopter Game, Part 5

Now that you’ve got your helicopter working with gravity and a platform, it is time to add some obstacles to your helicopter game. Here are some examples of the many possible ideas:

  • Helicopter loses points if they hit lava at the bottom
  • Helicopter can land on more platforms
  • Helicopter can collect prizes for points (remember from the end of tag?)
  • Helicopter loses points if it is hit by a horizontally moving bird (bird is another sprite)
  • Helicopter could spin out of control if it hits a rock (You can draw a rock on the stage) or when it hits a rock that has come from above (If the rock is going to move, it has to be a Sprite–There is a rock Sprite in the Sprite Library under the category Things)
  • Helicopter could be escaping the bowl of “Cheesy-Puffs” (similar to the game of tag we worked on)
  • Helicopter could fall faster if it touches a black hole (which you could draw on the stage)

What other ideas are possible?