Helicopter with Gravity – Platform

Helicopter with Platforms Video





Helicopter with Gravity – Platform II

Exercise: Helicopter Game, Part 4

In this this step we will make the helicopter stop on platforms, but we won’t make gravity re-start after the helicopter is off the platform. In the next step we will make gravity re-start. Try to get this working first!

Make sure you have 2 points that mark the bottom of your helicopter sprite (the 2 green dots you see in the picture). You can add these dots in the same place you made another costume for your helicopter. These should be a color that you’re not using in any of your other sprites.

Make sure you add the dots to both costumes!!

heli with dots

You also need to have ONE platform sprite (make a new sprite using the “Paint New Sprite” button shown below). The platform should look something like below (it can be any color). You should only have ONE for now.

Paint New Sprite


    You should already have the scripts to move the helicopter left and right and up. Now add this Script to your helicopter.

    If Touching Platform Script

    The first color needs to be the color of your dots, the second color needs to be the color of your platform.

    Color Touching Block


    Click on the color to change it. When you click on the color you will be able to choose any color by clicking on the new color with your mouse.