Introduction to Broadcast – Video

Broadcast Video




Introducing Broadcast -Short Play

Exercise: a short scratch play

We are going to make the following play:

Play 1

Try to make these scripts in Scratch! You’ll find that the Duck and Cat have completely separate Script areas. Click on each character to see their script area.

Cat’s Scripts:

Cat Scripts

Duck’s Scripts:

Duck Scripts

Press the green flag to start the short play.

(Note about Style: You’ll notice that we chose to name the messages that were broadcast so that it would help us keep track of what we were doing. We recommend you do this in your projects!)

More Info

#1: To make a new sprite – click on the small character icon above the sprites area

New Sprite

#2: These will be helpful to get the characters facing each other. Try to figure out what each command (left) and button (right) does.

There should be an image here


Once you have this working add to the “play” so that each character says an additional 2 lines.