Draw a Star Video

Multiple Ways to Draw a Star Video




More Super Awesome Pictures: Star

Exercise: Draw a star

In computer science there are usually a lot of different ways to solve each problem! You can draw this star in a lot of different ways. Try to come up with at least two different ways in which you might draw the pieces of this. Then pick the easier way and implement it in Scratch!

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Drawing a Flower

Exercise: drawing a flower, part 1

We can change the pen size and walk a little (and repeat) to draw something that looks like a flower petal. Make this in Scratch!


Since you may want to use your script from the last assignment (drawing a petal), you might not want to make a brand new file here. You can make a copy of your single petal script by clicking the File arrow and then clicking Save as a Copy. Name this project “29. Drawing a flower 2”.

Now change your code so that you draw multiple petals!