Drawing with Dots I

Exercise: Drawing with Dots (part 1)

If you move the character while the pen is down it draws a line. It will draw a dot if you put the pen down without moving the character!

Change the pen size to 25 using the set block below.

Then try to draw the pattern of dots below.




Drawing with Dots II

Exercise: Drawing with dots (part 2)

Modify your script from the last step to make the dots get bigger and bigger!

Hint: You’ll use the change and set blocks for pen size to do this.


Drawing with Dots Iteration Video

Increasing Dots Using Iteration Video




Drawing with Dots (Part 3)


The color of the pen has a set block and a change block. Change your last dots script to use these blocks to change the color of the pen after each dot.

Hint: You’ll use the set and change pieces for color.