Two Methods of Movement Video

Multiple Ways of Moving the Sprite with Keys Video




Scripts for Two Sprites Video

Working with Multiple Sprites Video



Game of Tag, Part 2

Exercise: Game of Tag, Part 2

Now that you know two different ways of moving sprites around with keys, make a second sprite that you can move around using a different set of keys. Do this in the same project as your first sprite. Later, these sprites will play tag with each other!




Game of Tag, Part 3

Exercise: Game of Tag, Part 3

Now we’re going to change the names of our sprites so that they’re easier to refer to. By default your sprites will probably be called things like “Sprite1” and “Sprite2”. Rename them by clicking i (info) button on the corner of each sprite’s picture in the sprite area.

Then change the sprite’s name by typing into the text box shown below (the area of the image where it says Cat).