Game of Tag, Part 7

Exercise: Game of Tag, Part 7

Now that you’ve incorporated score and power-ups into your game of tag, it is time to add some obstacles and extra features! An obstacle is something that blocks the way and makes achieving the goal of the game harder.

Here are some ideas you can add:

  • If the cat touches the edge, subtract 1 from the variable score
  • If the duck touches the edge, add 1 to the variable score
  • Add some obstacles (we added lava):
    • If the cat touches an obstacle, subtract 1 from the score
    • If the duck touches an obstacle add 1 to the score
    • Add platforms for your sprites to stand on
  • Add portals which make your sprite disappear and reappear somewhere else (Hint: use the hide block)


stage of game of tag


  • To draw the lava we just used the cat sprite, the “pen down” block and the “change the pen size” block. You can use what you already learned about drawing to make your obstacles!
  • These pieces might be helpful:
touching edge touching color red

Did you notice in the screenshot that the variable is called cat score? This is helpful because it tells the programmer (in this case you) which sprite the score is for.