Hat Block Intro Video

Hat Block Introduction Video



Electric Keyboard, Part 1

Exercise: Electric Keyboard, Part 1

In Scratch you can tell when a key is pressed, and do something!

Look at the Events tab and you’ll find a piece near the top that says “when _______ key pressed.”

Click on the black triangle to select the key that you want to use in Scratch. Here we picked key “a”. Then when that key is pressed, Scratch will play note 60.

You can also make Scratch do something when the keyboard numbers and arrows are pressed.

Try these and then go to the next step to make a full electric keyboard!




Electric Keyboard, Part 2

Exercise: Electric Keyboard, Part 2

Try to make an electric keyboard! The code below shows a start:

Hint: You may want to write down what note goes with each key so that you don’t forget.




Electric Keyboard, Part 3

Exercise: Electric Keyboard, Part 3

Add more code so that your electric keyboard can change:

  • Volume – Use this piece: 
  • Instrument – Use this piece: 
  • Tempo – Use this piece: