Intro to Drawing

Drawing in Scratch

We’ll be having the character draw in Scratch – check out this video to see how we do it!

Drawing in Scratch Video



Reset Script

RESET Script

When we’re drawing in Scratch, it’s helpful to be able to reset the stage. Resetting the stage moves the character to the center of the screen and removes older drawings from the stage.

This is the reset script from the video.

The reset script. It has a when space key pressed block, followed by a pen up block, a clear block, a go to x: 0 and y: 0 block, and a point in direction 90 block.

You’ll probably want to make this script in Scratch and use it while you’re working on drawing projects.

You can store the script in your Scratch Backpack. The Backpack is located at the bottom of the Scratch editor, below your scripts. Click on the word “Backpack” or the small gray triangle to open the backpack. You can drag scripts into the backpack, and they’ll be there in every single project that you’re working on. Then you don’t have to make scripts you use a lot every time you start a new project.