Project: Make a Song

Project: Make a Song

For your first project – make a song! You can make a Scratch script for a song written by someone else, or come up with a new song on your own! You should make a new Scratch script and not use parts of someone else’s script.

Start by making a new project in Scratch. Click on “File” in the gray bar at the top of the screen and you’ll see a menu pop up. Click on “Go to My Stuff”. This should take you to the page with all your projects.

Now click on the button that says “+ New Project”.

This will open a new project for you.

To make your song, you can try using any of the blocks in the Sound tab.

Also, you can make more than one script with a “green flag” block on top. That way, when you click the green flag, more than one script will play! This is called parallel execution. 

Push your thinking, make the coolest song imaginable! Try to use multiple instruments – we recommend at least three.

Scratch Cat saying "And don't forget to use REPEAT!"

When you finish your song, post it in the discussion at the bottom of this page to share with other students! Then, take a look at some of the songs created by your classmates!

After you submit your project, answer the questions on the next page of the assignment.