Unit 5: Iteration

Drawing with Dots I  Bookmark this page Exercise: Drawing with Dots (part 1) If you move the character while the pen is down it draws a line. It will draw a dot if you put the pen down without moving

Variable Sized Shapes Iteration Video  Bookmark this page Drawing a Bigger and Bigger Shape Video         Drawing a bigger and bigger shape  Bookmark this page Exercise: DRawing A bigger and bigger shape Now that you’ve mastered using

Draw a Star Video  Bookmark this page Multiple Ways to Draw a Star Video       More Super Awesome Pictures: Star  Bookmark this page Exercise: Draw a star In computer science there are usually a lot of different ways to

Using Variables to Draw: Squiral  Bookmark this page Drawing a Squiral with Iteration Video     Homework 5: Drawing a Squiral 17 points possible (graded) The squiral is a cross between a square and a spiral. It looks like you