Unit 2: Drawing

Intro to Drawing  Bookmark this page Drawing in Scratch We’ll be having the character draw in Scratch – check out this video to see how we do it! Drawing in Scratch Video     Reset Script  Bookmark this page RESET

Drawing a Square  Bookmark this page Exercise: Drawing a sQuare Now you’ll try drawing a square yourself! Create a new project in Scratch and use the steps in the video. But, for your square, try to use the repeat block.

Drawing a Triangle  Bookmark this page

Draw a Pentagon   Exercise: Draw a Pentagon Use Guess and Check to have the sprite draw a pentagon in Scratch.     Calculating Turns Using Division  Bookmark this page Calculating Turns Using Division We turned a total of 360

Drawing Circles  Bookmark this page Exercise: Draw a circle Have your character draw a circle in Scratch. Exercise: Draw Two Circles of Different Sizes Building off the circle you just made, draw 2 more circles. One should be smaller than

Staircase  Bookmark this page Exercise: Draw a staircase Draw a staircase across the Scratch stage using repeat.     Dotted Line  Bookmark this page Exercise: Draw a dotted line Draw a dotted line that goes across your Scratch screen. Hint:

Drawing a House  Bookmark this page Homework 2, Part 2: Row of Squares Method 1 7 points possible (graded) We want to draw a series of squares like the one below. In this homework, we’re going to look at two

Draw Something in Scratch  Bookmark this page Project: Make a Drawing Make a drawing using Scratch. Your drawing should use: Multiple pen widths Multiple colors Repeat Here’s an example drawing: Note: Your images will draw faster if you use to hide the