Unit 10: Game Strategies

Target Game – Having the Sprite Follow the Mouse-Pointer  Bookmark this page Having a Sprite Follow the Cursor Video           Target Game  Bookmark this page Target Game Video  

Target Game – Working with Clones  Bookmark this page Creating Clones Video Target Game – Make Your Own!  Bookmark this page Exercise: Make Your Own Target Game! Create a game where something falls from the top of the screen and

Games with Multiple Levels – Intro  Bookmark this page Multiple Levels Video             Games with Multiple Levels – Adding Level Numbers  Bookmark this page Multiple Levels with Level Numbers Video       Games with

  Games with Multiple Levels – Helicopter Game (part 1)  Bookmark this page Exercise: Add Levels to your helicopter game, Part 1 We’re going to add levels to our helicopter game! Follow the eight steps here to get started. Do

Scrolling Games – Video  Bookmark this page Scrolling Games Video       Health Meter – Video  Bookmark this page Health Meter Video 10.5

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