Unit 1: Introduction to Scratch

Introduction to Scratch Video        Opening Scratch Opening Scratch Now we want to open Scratch, the programming language we will be using, in our browser. First open a new tab. Then go to the URL scratch.mit.edu. You should see

  Repeat Intro Using Repeat Watch this video to learn about using Repeat in Scratch! Repeat blocks are very helpful, and we’ll be using them a lot.   Using Repeat Video       The REPEAT Block So far, when

Nested Repeats We can put one repeat inside of another repeat! We call this a nested repeat. Watch this video to learn more.   Nested Repeats Video       Complex Nested Repeats Nested repeats (a repeat within a repeat)

Set Instrument When you’re making songs in Scratch you can use different instruments! Check out this video – you might be surprised by how it works!   Set Instrument Video          

Project: Make a Song  Bookmark this page Project: Make a Song For your first project – make a song! You can make a Scratch script for a song written by someone else, or come up with a new song on your own! You