Programming in Scratch

Introduction to Scratch Video        Opening Scratch Opening Scratch Now we want to open Scratch, the programming language we will be using, in our browser. First open a new tab. Then go to the URL You should see

  Repeat Intro Using Repeat Watch this video to learn about using Repeat in Scratch! Repeat blocks are very helpful, and we’ll be using them a lot.   Using Repeat Video       The REPEAT Block So far, when

Nested Repeats We can put one repeat inside of another repeat! We call this a nested repeat. Watch this video to learn more.   Nested Repeats Video       Complex Nested Repeats Nested repeats (a repeat within a repeat)

Set Instrument When you’re making songs in Scratch you can use different instruments! Check out this video – you might be surprised by how it works!   Set Instrument Video          

Project: Make a Song  Bookmark this page Project: Make a Song For your first project – make a song! You can make a Scratch script for a song written by someone else, or come up with a new song on your own! You


Intro to Drawing  Bookmark this page Drawing in Scratch We’ll be having the character draw in Scratch – check out this video to see how we do it! Drawing in Scratch Video     Reset Script  Bookmark this page RESET

Drawing a Square  Bookmark this page Exercise: Drawing a sQuare Now you’ll try drawing a square yourself! Create a new project in Scratch and use the steps in the video. But, for your square, try to use the repeat block.

Drawing a Triangle  Bookmark this page

Draw a Pentagon   Exercise: Draw a Pentagon Use Guess and Check to have the sprite draw a pentagon in Scratch.     Calculating Turns Using Division  Bookmark this page Calculating Turns Using Division We turned a total of 360

Drawing Circles  Bookmark this page Exercise: Draw a circle Have your character draw a circle in Scratch. Exercise: Draw Two Circles of Different Sizes Building off the circle you just made, draw 2 more circles. One should be smaller than

Staircase  Bookmark this page Exercise: Draw a staircase Draw a staircase across the Scratch stage using repeat.     Dotted Line  Bookmark this page Exercise: Draw a dotted line Draw a dotted line that goes across your Scratch screen. Hint:

Drawing a House  Bookmark this page Homework 2, Part 2: Row of Squares Method 1 7 points possible (graded) We want to draw a series of squares like the one below. In this homework, we’re going to look at two

Draw Something in Scratch  Bookmark this page Project: Make a Drawing Make a drawing using Scratch. Your drawing should use: Multiple pen widths Multiple colors Repeat Here’s an example drawing: Note: Your images will draw faster if you use to hide the


Set & Change Tempo Video  Bookmark this page Set and Change Tempo Video     Exploring Tempo  Bookmark this page exploring tempo In the Sound tab, find the tempo block and click the check box next to it. This lets you see

    Tracking Tempo in Repeats  Bookmark this page Tracking Tempo in Repeats Video       Changing the Tempo in a Repeat Video  Bookmark this page Changing the Tempo in a Repeat Video       Change How Fast

Playing a Sequence of Notes with and without Variables Video  Bookmark this page Why and How to Use Variables to Play Scales Video       Playing a Sequence of Notes Video  Bookmark this page Playing a Sequence of Notes

Why Order Matters in the Iteration Pattern Video  Bookmark this page Why Order Matters in the Iteration Pattern Video       Playing Every Other Note  Bookmark this page Exercise: PLAYING EVERY OTHER NOTE You just wrote a script that

Countdown  Bookmark this page Exercise: countdown Write a script that makes the sprite count down from 10 to 1. Use a variable named . Use the same methods you used for changing the tempo. Hints You need to use the repeat

Using Iteration to Hear All of the Instruments Video  Bookmark this page Using Iteration to Hear Different Instruments Video    

Updating Variables in a Repeat  Bookmark this page Tracing Repeats Sometimes figuring what’s happening in repeats can be confusing. This video gives an example of how to trace what’s going on in a repeat. Tracing Repeats Video     Tracing

Hat Block Intro Video  Bookmark this page Hat Block Introduction Video     Electric Keyboard, Part 1  Bookmark this page Exercise: Electric Keyboard, Part 1 In Scratch you can tell when a key is pressed, and do something! Look at


X-axis & Y-axis Video  Bookmark this page The X and Y Axes Video     Set and Change with X and Y Position Video  Bookmark this page Set and Change the X and Y Positions Video       Coordinates

Hat Blocks – Concurrency Video (Advanced Topic)  Bookmark this page Concurrency and Race Video     Game of Tag, Part 1  Bookmark this page Exercise: Game of Tag, Part 1 Many times we’ll want to move the character with the

Playing Tag Video  Bookmark this page Playing a Game of Tag Video     Game of Tag, Part 4  Bookmark this page Exercise: Game of Tag, Part 4 Continue working on your game of tag. We want the mouse to react

Keeping Score in a Game of Tag Video  Bookmark this page Keeping Score in a Game of Tag Video     Game of Tag, Part 5  Bookmark this page EXERCISE: GAME OF TAG, PART 5 Now add keeping score to your

Game of Tag, Part 7  Bookmark this page Exercise: Game of Tag, Part 7 Now that you’ve incorporated score and power-ups into your game of tag, it is time to add some obstacles and extra features! An obstacle is something that

Debugging Skills  Bookmark this page Homework 4, Part 2: Drawing Petals 20 points possible (graded) For my computer science course, I was given an assignment to draw the following shape by pair programming with my friend from class. Prompt: Draw


Drawing with Dots I  Bookmark this page Exercise: Drawing with Dots (part 1) If you move the character while the pen is down it draws a line. It will draw a dot if you put the pen down without moving

Variable Sized Shapes Iteration Video  Bookmark this page Drawing a Bigger and Bigger Shape Video         Drawing a bigger and bigger shape  Bookmark this page Exercise: DRawing A bigger and bigger shape Now that you’ve mastered using

Draw a Star Video  Bookmark this page Multiple Ways to Draw a Star Video       More Super Awesome Pictures: Star  Bookmark this page Exercise: Draw a star In computer science there are usually a lot of different ways to

Using Variables to Draw: Squiral  Bookmark this page Drawing a Squiral with Iteration Video     Homework 5: Drawing a Squiral 17 points possible (graded) The squiral is a cross between a square and a spiral. It looks like you